Platin Doğan, founder of this success story that started in 1956, started his career as a carpenter apprentice . He took his first step into being a pool player on the period when he was a carpenter foreman. He gained experience by playing professional pool players and achieved success in billiards. After he gained a great deal of experience, he realized that he could not play efficient on European pool tables as he wants. That made him to decide to manufacture his own pool table.

Platin Doğan, who believes that a pool player can be professional only by playing on a well-constructed pool table, has changed his own fate with the first pool table he manufactured completely. After he manufactured his first pool table, due to the demands he received, manufacturing pool tables has became his profession and he focused on manufacturing pool tables.

During that period of time in Istanbul, French and English pool table manufacturers’ tables were used, as well as domestic pool tables. Platin Doğan, who manufactured highest-quality tables among the others during that time, built a brand named Platin Billiards and managed to make it a wanted brand. Platin Billiards satisfied all the demands in domestic market and let thousands of young billiard lovers play billiard with the maximum efficiency around the country.

“Billiards is a game of thinking. It is a geometrical game.” says Platin Doğan, and describes billiards like “A sport that played with a magic wand and colorful balls at the tip of it.”. “It is not just a game. It is a sport. Also, it is the noblest, most elegant sport. Think of a sport that you have to use the rules of mathematics and mechanics at the highest level and act aesthetically to transfer the harmony and skill of mind and body to more than one ball. Certainly, that sport is billiards.“.